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We Protect Inventions, Innovations and Brands in United Kingdom, Europe,and around the World

Other National & Regional Designs (US/CA/AU/CN/JP/KR/UA/HK/SG)

We offer comprehensive advice on the protection of product design and design features, including labels, product shape and get-up.

At the development stage, we help you identify and safeguard potential future design rights and navigate the rules on disclosure and grace periods with an eye to achieving protection. We can secure the right protection in the countries that matter to you, and aid in enforcing those rights, whether registered or unregistered, against competitor encroachment. We have internationally recognised expertise in handling U.K. and European designs, and assist in design protection and enforcement worldwide.

Many countries have design registration systems similar to that of the UK. Usually, protection must be sought before the design has been published.

Under the Paris Convention, there is a period of 6 months from the date on which the first filed application was filed in which to apply to participating countries for protection. Successful applications of this type will have the priority date backdated to that of the first filed application.

The Benelux countries have a uniform design registration system which provides for a single registration when seeking registration in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. However, the introduction of the 6 registered Community design, makes the Benelux system of reduced practical importance in most cases.


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