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We Protect Inventions, Innovations and Brands in United Kingdom, Europe,and around the World

Frequently Asked Questions

MACIPO & ASSOCIATES is a firm of specialist patent and trademark attorneys who help inventors, business owners, organizations, or entrepreneurs gain the competitive edge by safeguarding and enhancing intellectual property rights and provide full protection for all types of Intellectual Property. The protection of our clients’ inventions, innovations and brands is at the heart of our practice.

The firm has extensive experience of representing clients at the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office, and OHIM, the European Community Trademarks and Designs Office, not only for the filing and prosecuting of patent and trademark applications but also in opposition and appeal proceedings for both domestic and overseas clients. Our United Kingdom and European offices enables our patent and trademark professionals to maintain regular contact with examiners at the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office, and OHIM, the European Community Trademarks and Designs Office by attending interviews, opposition proceedings and appeals.

FAQs - Patents

We have expertise in all technical areas including electronics, optics, computer software, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical, civil and electrical engineering. We keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and patent law, and continue to be involved in some of the leading cases in biotechnology, electronics and computer-related inventions.

We provide a complete, high-quality service, including drafting new patent applications and prosecuting those patent applications before the British and European Patent Offices and under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT), as well as coordinating the filing and prosecution of corresponding national and/or regional applications worldwide. We are also involved in obtaining Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs). Other important aspects of our work include advising on validity, infringement and amendment of patents, including "due diligence" investigations; and handling patent oppositions and revocation proceedings.

Click here for more information about what can be patented, the patenting process and the rights a patent gives you or view our patents FAQs.

FAQs - Trademarks

We provide a comprehensive trade mark service, and manages the trademark portfolios of many well-known companies. Many of our clients have realised the merits of seeking protection throughout the European Union in a single Community Trade Mark application, and we have extensive experience of this system. We handle numerous trade mark oppositions for both opponents and applicants, seeking effective commercial settlements for the benefit of our clients wherever appropriate.

We continue to file and prosecute UK national trade mark applications, which offer particular benefits including the speed at which registration may be obtained. We also handle international trademark applications (under the fast expanding Madrid Protocol registration system), which offer substantial cost savings and convenience for clients wishing to register a trade mark in multiple countries. We are also able to obtain and advise on overseas national and regional registrations and have an extensive network of foreign trade mark attorneys with whom we engage on such matters.

Click here for more information about trade mark registration or view our trade mark FAQs.

FAQs - Industrial Designs

We advise frequently on the protection of industrial designs related issues. We handle the filing and prosecution of Registered Design applications in the UK, the European Community and other overseas territories. We also advise in relation to the rights applicable to unregistered designs in the European Community and the UK.

Design protection is often of particular relevance in circumstances where patent protection is not available or may not provide very effective protection, and we are well-placed to advise on the relative strengths and weaknesses of any available patent protection and design protection in such cases.

Click here for more information about Registered Designs, Copyright and Design Right and our Designs FAQs.


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