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We Protect Inventions, Innovations and Brands in United Kingdom, Europe,and around the World

Welcome to MACIPO & ASSOCIATES in United Kingdom!

MACIPO & ASSOCIATES in United Kingdom a firm of specialist patent and trademark attorneys who help inventors, business owners, organizations, or entrepreneurs gain the competitive edge by safeguarding and enhancing intellectual property rights and provide full protection for all types of Intellectual Property. The protection of our clients’ inventions, innovations and brands is at the heart of our practice.

Our technical personnel have extensive experience of patents and trademarks, from electronics and computers to agricultural engineering, and from trademark registrations around the world. We have evolved into a reputable and successful company providing a cutting edge service to clients locally, nationally and internationally. As specialists in our field we can create the most effective Intellectual Property strategy that works for you, as well as providing advice and support. We are confident that by combining our skills and experience we can work with you to help your business remain successful.

The firm has extensive experience of representing clients at the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office, and OHIM, the European Community Trademarks and Designs Office, not only for the filing and prosecuting of patent and trademark applications but also in opposition and appeal proceedings for both domestic and overseas clients. Our United Kingdom and European offices enables our patent and trademark professionals to maintain regular contact with examiners at the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office, and OHIM, the European Community Trademarks and Designs Office by attending interviews, opposition proceedings and appeals.

The firm provides comprehensive services in most technical fields as well as specialised expertise in computer technology, optics, telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other areas with solicitors who specialise in intellectual property offer professional advice on patent validity and infringement and can supervise both offensive and defensive litigation in the Patent Office and Patents County Court and patent and trademark professionals throughout the other European countries and around the world.


Trade Marks

Industrial Designs

Patents protect inventions by providing a monopoly for up to twenty years in return for a disclosure of the invention to the public. A patent can provide protection for a broad inventive concept or a narrow technological advance. The protection is a valuable business asset and an important commercial tool.

Corporate identity, a company's brand names or logos can be the most valuable marketing tool that it owns. Registration of a trade mark protects this important business asset, giving the proprietor the legal remedy to prevent others from using the same or similar mark and protecting your legitimate service industry or manufacturing base.

Registered designs protect the outward appearance of a product, rather than how it works. Design registrations are a cost effective way of obtaining protection for new consumer products. Designs can be registered for many products, for example , handsets, toys, tools, dispensers, cameras, office equipment, bathroom equipment, torches and consumer products.


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